Most businesses today will agree that the rise in ransomware, viruses, and hacker attacks are serious threats. While that sentiment is worthy, perhaps the greater threat to productivity and your bottom line comes from within your workforce.


Sure, over time computers have had a direct and measurable positive impact on employee productivity – but they can also be a tremendous distraction. Numerous studies have shown when employees know their online activities are being monitored, there is a corresponding increase in productivity.


And while employee computer usage monitoring solutions have existed for several years, there exists a greater threat. In today’s ultra-competitive business world, protecting your intellectual property (client lists, source code, business plan, etc) is key. Such protection, however, is difficult with today’s mobile and remote workforce. Over 60% of exiting employees admit to taking private company data with them as they leave. Only by recording all PC activity and actively monitoring the activities of your workforce can you protect your hard earned intellectual property.


Thankfully, a handful of technologies exist that can automate some of the more arduous tasks of active employee monitoring. One such company, InterGuard, offers a unique and progressive solution for protecting your most valuable corporate assets. Let’s face the facts – security breaches are inevitable. Still, you can minimize your risk – InterGuard actively monitors all of your network activity and provides a clear and cogent audit trail.


But the advantages to this type of system don’t stop with a documented audit trail. InterGaurd, for example, offers four modules – Web Filtering, Data Loss Prevention, Employee Activity Monitoring, and Laptop Anti-Theft.


While such systems cannot offer 100% protection – and there is no magic bullet to protect against all threats, it substantially increases your protection.  At QMTechnologies, we can recommend InterGuard, and systems like it, because it acts like a surveillance camera inside your PCs, in the end you will always be able to “rewind” and watch the slow motion replay.