IT Monitoring and Support Services


Change the way you think about your network and data security with QM Technologies. You can relax with the knowledge that our partnership means we take your technology investment seriously. When your network is running smoothly, your staff is more productive, resulting in a direct return on your networking investment.


24x7x365 Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance


QM Technologies builds custom, scalable solutions for all of our customers – from your network to your servers, we have you covered. Through our cutting-edge maintenance and monitoring systems, we can dramatically reduce your network downtime, making your staff more efficient in the process.




  • Server Care
  • Network Care
  • VOIP and Telephone Systems
  • Backup and Recovery


Our experienced and well trained IT team will monitor all of your IT systems and devices and create proactive solutions to help meet your IT goals.


VOIP Solutions


Sure, you have likely heard of VOIP – systems that enable voice conversations through the Internet and local networks. Well-designed VOIP solutions can save businesses up to 50% over the cost of legacy business phone systems.


Most VOIP systems use your LAN or wireless network to facilitate voice conversations, eliminating the need for a PBX and its associated services. But newer VOIP systems don’t stop at the office – your phones can go with you wherever you go, as long as you are in range of a WiFi hotspot. Even better, most contemporary VOIP systems can be configured to ring multiple devices in sequence, such as your business extension and cell phone.


In most scenarios, your existing broadband solution will supply enough bandwidth to facilitate solid VOIP performance without impacting overall network performance.


VOIP Cost Effectiveness


As we stated earlier, VOIP routes your voice calls over your LAN, wireless network, and the Internet. VOIP eliminates the need for costly PBX systems, long distance charges, and local telephone plans. Since all of your calls are routed through your broadband solution, the   costs associated with employee moves, adds, and other changes are also eliminated.


VOIP Benefits


  • Total Location Independence
  • Combined Voice and Data
  • 24×365 Support
  • Increased Productivity


In the end, implementing a well-designed VOIP system will cut your communications bills by 30%-50%. At QMI Technologies we can evaluate your communication needs and design a best-of-breed VOIP for your organization. All of our VOIP solutions are scalable and will keep pace with your company’s growth.


Backup and Disaster Recovery Services


Any trained and experienced technician will tell you the same thing: there are only two types of hard drives – those that have failed and those that haven’t yet failed. The only question is – when? With QMI Tech’s state of the art backup and recovery systems, you can rest assured that your data is continually archived to redundant physical hardware and the cloud. So no matter what kind of data disaster you encounter, we have you covered.


  • Enables You To Focus on Your Business, Not Your Data Security
  • Rock Solid Confidence in Your Backup and Disaster Recovery System
  • Drastically Reduce Time to Restoration and Minimize Downtime
  • So – Just How Important is Your Data?


Regardless of your business type, you know a visceral understanding of data security is crucial to your long-term success. Our bullet-proof backup system not only backs up your systems, but it also provides complete on-demand recovery with minimal downtime.


Network Security: Monitoring and Proactive Maintenance


While the usefulness of the web continues to evolve and expand, so too does the threats to your business. From malware to data theft, adding layers of defense into your technical infrastructure is becoming more crucial every day. QMI Technology provides these security layers and continually monitors and responds to network threats.


Antivirus and Antimalware Solutions


Ever since the Internet has embedded itself into our daily lives, spyware, malware, and viruses have spread and evolved. The threat to your IT infrastructure cannot be overstated – each day brings the news of another successful attack against business networks.


As part of our antivirus protection services, we keep your licensing and definition updates current to protect your bottom line. Our defense solutions are state-of-the-art and keep your workstations and servers performing optimally.


Content Filtering


Are key employees at your organization wasting time on social media and online games? Do you want to block distasteful websites to ensure your company culture is maintained? Our content filters are highly customizable and work in concert our firewall solutions to keep your IT infrastructure safe and secure.




While antivirus and antimalware solutions are vital components to any network security structure, your firewall layer is your primary defense against intruders, viruses, and data thieves. Our experienced security engineers can help you pick the best firewall solution and assist your IT staff with installation and configuration. A solid firewall layer is critical to protecting your business in today’s Internet environment.