NCM of Network Configuration Manager is basically a configuration, multiple vendor, web-based, and configuration and compliance management tool used to provide solutions to firewalls, routers, switches, and another network tools.

Network Configuration Manager is trusted by network experts globally. It assists to take charge and automate complete control of all life span of management setting devices.

Uses of NCM:

It is used in multiple vendor tool setup support: Network configuration manager offers an incorporated solution for total change and setup management for devices from many different hardware vendors. Presently, NCM backup more than 22 devices like HP, Nortel, Cisco, Force 10, 3Com Foundry, D-link, Aruba, Huawei, Proxim, Blue Coat, NetScreen, etc.

Device detection:

DCM begins with the inclusion of your devices into the NCCM solution. Typically, networks possess hundreds to thousands of devices. It will be very difficult to include each tool manually. So, NCM offers detection opportunity to check each network and immediately include devices that are enabled by SNMP in just one click. The detection options help you to send out NCM in minutes, hence saving very valuable time.

Recovers settings from different devices anytime there is a configuration change.

Configurations are stored and versioned in the database hence making the process of configuration better and easier. NCM also offers the chance to compare two versions of configurations of similar or separate devices.

Network Devices

Devices used in networks are very important parts of the unauthorized setup, and enterprise changes could destroy the network. Therefore, NCM aids experts in the network security to take charge of the changes in configurations.

Internal Safety Policies

Due to the ever increasing security problems to critical severe legal outcome of improper management of information and network resources, managers in IT are expected to follow internal safety policies regular standards, industrial procedures and stiff governmental regulations.

Automated IT Activities

The managers in IT operations are regularly on their guard to locate time overwhelming and mechanical recurring projects for the purpose of bringing down cost and improving resource output. Therefore, NCM aids in the enhancing of this output and in the automation of the entire configuration project.