NAS or Network Attached Storage is a mechanism linked to a network that enables data retrieval and storage from a centralized site for authorized mixed and network users. The device is scaled-out and flexible.

Network security is boosted through the removal of multiple files and also storage security by file-level data sharing.

Who uses NAS?

  • The device is used for serving and saving multimedia files and mechanized backups in homes.
  • In organizations, it is adopted as a support target for documenting and disaster retrieval.
  • secures both server and storage infrastructure
  • Increases the consolidation of data and protection

Workings of NAS

Network attached storage works by using Server Message Block, a normal file protocol and NFS (Network File System) to enable the easy access of databases and file systems on the IP network using Linux, UNIX, and Microsoft Windows.


Network Attachment Storage

The need for costly specialized switches or HBA adapters is reduced because unlike SAN, it is linked to an Ethernet network.