The special address used to exclusively recognize a device on an internet protocol network is called an IP address.

Typically, it is made up of 32 binary bits, which can also be separated into a host and network segment with the assistance of a subnet mask. The 32 bites are divided into 4 octets.

Each of the octets can be changed to decimal and divided by a dot or a period. This is why an IP address is express in period style like The value in each octet must start from 0 to 255 decimal.


Usually, when problems occur on TCP/IP network, it could be a wrong setting of the three major entries in the properties of the system’s TCP/IP. By understanding how mistakes affect the configuration of the TCP/IP, many common errors can be handled easily.

Wrong Subnet Mask

Should a network use a subnet mask apart from the default mask designated for its address, while a client’s remains configured with the default address class of the default subnet masks, interaction will go wrong, and it will affect networks that are nearby leaving out the ones that are far.

When this situation occurs, packets designated for hosts on various physical networks that belong to the same Class C will not be transferred. The signs of this error are seen when computers are able to interact with hosts within the same local network and the entire remote network.

Wrong Gateway Default

If a computer system is setup with a wrong default gateway, it can relate with hosts within its own network section.

However, it will fail to interact with the hosts on the all of the remote networks or on some of them.

Wrong IP Address

A wrong IP address occurs when systems, having IP addresses that belong on separate subnets within a local remote area, are place with each other, the result being a breakdown in communication.

The sign of this problem is when computers relate with each other through a router that is incapable of ending the communication correctly. The error is corrected by ensuring the computer’s belonging to the same network posses IP addresses on identical IP subnet.