Threat & Vulnerability Assessment

The first steps in protecting any network’s data are understanding and identifying the threats to which the network is already exposed to.

QM Technologies aims to analyze and discover your system’s vulnerabilities through specialized assessments meant to reveal existing threats in your network and even weak points that have a higher risk of being breached.


QM Technologies has a modern hardware assessment platform that ensures an in-depth analysis of any network and detects weak points that might be vulnerable to data breach.

Through the threat and vulnerability assessment, QM Technologies also monitors network traffic in real-time and identifies threats that are currently breaching your organization’s network firewall.

By using open source and proprietary software and methods, QM Technologies performs internal vulnerability and threat assessments to pin-point systems’ vulnerabilities or threat patterns present on the network.

Period of Assessment

QM Technologies makes one-time assessments or annual assessment contracts, and even weekly, monthly or quarterly assessments, based on the needs of each client. When the period of assessment ends, the Threat and Vulnerability Assessment Platform is brought back to QM Technologies for a complete read of the data.

Security Analysis

A security analyst prepares reports pertaining to the gathered data, makes assessments of the information, summarizes it and writes specialized recommendations. All these reports are the basis of future remediation and risk assessment of the targeted network.

Data Destruction Services

At the end of the contract, QM Technologies provides Data Destruction Services (conform to NIST SP 800-88 specifications, HIPAA/HiTECH, Sox, GLBA, FACTA and other compliance regulations) in order to eradicate the data on the platform and also provides a certificate of destruction if it is asked.