Cyber Defense Solution

QM Technologies Cyber Defense Solution analyses cyber threats by identifying all suspicious network traffic patterns from inside the network.

Benefits of the Cyber Defense Solution:

Protects the network from the inside. | Detects threats’ source and minimizes its propagation and the damage caused to the network. | Enables cost-effective and scalable security telemetry throughout the network. | Simplifies the threat investigation processes.


QM Technologies provides solutions concerning threat and vulnerability issues, phishing problems, data penetration events, cyber security breaches, informational intrusion detection and prevention, data forensics and even data recovery.

QM Technologies Cyber Defense Solution analyzes cyber threats by identifying all suspicious network traffic patterns from inside the network and gives security analysts the information needed for discerning the level of threat of each pattern.


Cybersecurity Evaluations

QM Technologies Cybersecurity Evaluation follows the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and is based on the CERT Resilience Management Model. It evaluates the cybersecurity capabilities of an organization and its operational resilience through a voluntary, semi-technical assessment.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

This type of training is resourceful as each employee has to understand the value of company information and the need of protecting it. Amongst the benefits of this training are the basic grounding of online risks and knowledge on making good judgements in the online medium.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

According to cybersecurity surveys, informational breaches are detected in an average time of 229 days. Data loss can be minimized if proper action is taken. Intrusion Detection and Prevention is a system designed to help organizations identify threat actors and possible network breaches.

Data Recovery and Forensics

Retrieving and salvaging data from failed, damaged, corrupted or inaccessible storage media is possible through data recovery processes. Data recovery processes are successful when they are done in clean environments by QM Technologies experts with training and experience in handling media and also have a clear understanding of storage media principles.