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How can colocation protect your company?


Edgewater, NJ, June 2012– When trying to protect your company’s most valuable data your first step should be evaluating the placement of important assets such as your company’s servers. Is there limited space in your work place? Is your workspace sensitive to intrusion or mistakes? Has your company ever considered colocation? QM Technologies wants to help you customize a solution for any and all of your IT concerns, including this one.

QMT takes the time to educate several types of businesses, small to large, about the importance of efficient IT maintenance and placement. Roughly 92% of today’s business are either virtual or plan on being virtual within 5 years. QMT understands and agrees with the benefits of colocation and would like you to as well. Colocation is imperative for companies who handle majority of their transactions through a website or other online portals, requiring stable online access for their employees, customers, or vendors.

Colocation offers a combination of security for remote hosting facility with the flexibility and programming independence of an in-house server; providing a secure place to physically house your hardware and equipment. Colocation simply provides network connections like Internet leased inputs to numerous servers housed together in a secure facility. These facilities are designed to make more effective use of network connections. The speed of your servers will operate much faster at a colocation facility than it would in its own private setting.

Most colocation facilities offer top of the line security including cameras, fire detection and extinguishing devices, multiple connection feeds, filtered power, backup power generators and other items to ensure accessibility for your company. This gives your company both a fully dedicated server and specialized 24/7 web hosting. Typical colocation services guarantee continuous power in the event of a flood, fire, theft, a black out or greater.

Once again colocation is beneficial to companies that perform the majority of their transactions through a website or other online portal, and require constant online access for their employees, customers, or vendors. There is a slight difference between collocation and other forms of web hosting. Individuals or private companies that do not rely on web connection as much would benefit from a different type of web hosting.

If you have any questions about colocation or other IT concerns please feel free to contact QM Technologies.