Virtualization Manager

Companies these days have hundreds and thousands of virtual machines, so managing them can get a bit overwhelming.

Using virtualization management software, you will have access to the database, applications, storage devices, physical servers, and the network.


You will have the possibility to diagnose performance problems in your IT infrastructure.

  • Get full control of Hyper-V® and VMware® environments
  • Detect orphaned files, over-allocated VMs, and total snapshot size
  • Right-size VMs for optimal performance and free up over-allocated resources
  • Monitor   and troubleshoot capacity bottlenecks and predict when resources will run out
  • Identity the problem cause in no time by quickly checking the app, server, virtual, and storage layers to troubleshoot performance issues

Virtualization Manager

The automated application to infrastructure relationship mapping will help you automatically map connections between the application and its underlying infrastructure. Simply go from the app to the server and then to the storage layers and quickly spot the cause of implementation issues within a unified dashboard

Monitor Any Virtual Machine Performance

Virtualization management software offers you the possibility to control performance problems unique to virtualization. You can drill-down and find the virtual machine performance problems in your VMware ESX®/ESXi™ or Hyper-V based virtual infrastructure. Proactively diagnose and detect bottlenecks and regularly monitor your virtual machines and hosts. By keeping a close eye on shared resource contention for CPU, network, memory and storage, you will ensure you’re meeting your SLA requirements.

Plan Capacity and Monitor Cloud Performance

Virtualization management gets an insight into VM sprawl issues and performs capacity scheduling to optimize resources and get ahead of noisy neighbor situations with proactive alerting. All this helps to reduce downtime greatly, as well as increase identification of cause issues and the number of admins to VM management.

Performance Dashboards Virtualization

By developing custom dashboard views, you will get an insight into the capacity, performance, and usage of your virtualized infrastructure. You can create dashboards that can provide insight into resource contention issues (stale, idle, and zombie VMs). Also, panels portray memory, CPU, and storage usage across any configured resource pool and folders that usually represent various user groups. This easy customization of virtualization dashboards offers a robust search capability that gives you the possibility to search, filter, and sort across collected configuration & performance data.