Monitoring Service

Globally distributed applications need a fast and powerful method to monitor the whole infrastructure stack continuously

Rackspace Monitoring is a solution that keeps your applications up and running fast. Remote monitoring can test connectivity from regional zones deployed throughout our international data centers and gather information from inside each resource—so you always receive the richest information possible.

Rackspace Monitoring offers:


You will always know when something is wrong, no matter where you are, thanks to our low-latency architecture.


Rackspace Monitoring can send notifications and continue processing events even if there is an outage.


You can customize the threshold criteria, data collection and notification alerts according to your needs and organization.


You systems will be continuously monitored through external availability. We will test throughout our international data centers from regional zones.


Monitors Your System, Platform and Banner Status

Rackspace Monitoring can perform Ping, HTTP, SSH, DNS and HTTPS check. This means that Rackspace Monitoring can do all the necessary procedures to ensure everything is up and running.

It Monitors response times and server communication. Reports the traceroute path, connects to the web server, retrieves specific content to check that users can see and interact with your application, follows redirects and confirms users can log into your website, confirms that the SSH protocol is running and measures the response time, identifies the SSH fingerprint and more.

IT System 24/7

You will get back your life and say goodbye to sleepless nights when you had to watch your IT system 24/7. Let technology make your life easier. No more installs, reinstalls or updates.

Save Time & Money

The outages and poor site performance could kill your profit and even your business. You can be up and running in less than 3 minutes. This way you will have time to focus on more important things that will increase your ROI.

Smart Dashboard

It’s really stressful to manage all your applications, networks, servers, and websites. However, this is not the case if you use a simple intuitive dashboard.

Receive Notifications

We can transfer to Hosted Exchange® at Rackspace, or the more affordable Rackspace Email. We will get the best of both with our Exchange Hybrid email offering.

Minimal Risk Exposure

The monitoring agent is able to gather the metrics about your system, and it will not run arbitrary commands. What does this mean? Even if your API token was compromised, the only thing an attacker would be able to access is your metrics.