Disaster Recovery

QM Technologies IT disaster recovery plans offer step-by-step procedures to recover disrupted networks and systems, helping them return to normal operations.

The IT disaster recovery process can identify critical IT networks and systems, and prioritize their recovery time objective. During this process, the system is restarted, reconfigured and recovered.


A comprehensive IT DR plan also includes all the relevant supplier contacts, sources of expertise for recovering disrupted systems.

The Zerto Virtual Replication

Zerto Virtual Replication was created to be the easiest, yet most powerful disaster recovery solution for virtualized infrastructures. It includes replication, recovery and automation solutions in one simple software allowing users to recover one, all or a subset of applications from any storage.

Replicating in Zerto Virtual Replication allows the replication and recovery between any storage, and it also includes many hypervisors in both private, hybrid and public clouds.

Zerto – the Best Disaster Recovery Plan

Whether a virtual environment is based on VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V, Zerto Virtual Replication offers disaster recovery among private clouds, from satellite or DRaaS to Zerto Cloud Service or Amazon Web Services with the same single software solution.

Disaster Recovery

Only Zerto Virtual Replication can offer enterprise-class disaster recovery for virtualized environments. It can be installed in minutes with no downtime and only a few clicks. It takes less than 15 minutes to get the entire recovery process started irrespective of the underlying storage, hypervisor or cloud used for disaster recovery.

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Fast Installation

Install in seconds with no downtime using scalable software

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Easy Replication

Replicate in and between VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V private clouds

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Automated Recovery

Automated and Orchestrated Recovery providing Recovery Time Objective (RTO) within minutes.