QMT will safeguard your critical data with a dedicated backup network port for each server.

Information Protection

Protect your information with our cloud services

Backup Restoration

All of your critical data will be safeguarded

Area Network Storage

A dedicated network that is accessible remotely

Data loss, user error and hardware failure are unpredictable. Through QM Technologies you can protect the information of your business, regardless of its size. Our team of technicians and project managers has throughout experience in design, tuning, performance development and system architecture.

QMT will successfully assist your company with its storage infrastructure and provide the best solutions for a full backup restoration. All of your critical data will be safeguarded through a dedicated backup network port for each server.

SANs make it possible to access information through various servers and make it seem like the accessed tape libraries and disk arrays are incorporated into the actual operating system. SANs are secured through their own network of storage devices which is not available to other devices through local area networks.

Cloud Services

We know how costly running a business can be and how vital your information is for your activity, so we made it our goal to prevent the loss of your hard labored work.

You concentrate on your daily tasks to keep your company up and running while we focus on managing the internal storage of your business without allowing the loss of even the tiniest piece of information to occur.

Why QMTechnologies?